CA-501 Hybrid
43" Digital
Albany & Syracuse
$3,999 or finance from $56/mo

Cabinet Finishes Available: Rosewood, Satin Black, Satin White


Of the three top makers of digital pianos, Kawai is the only company with acoustic piano expertise that ONLY MAKES PIANOS. We feel their singular focus gives them an edge in delivering better performance and value to our customers.


The first piano in the line with 100 watts of power, making every note sound fuller, deeper, and more realistic.

Advanced Features

Grand Feel Action

The Grand Feel action utilizes real Solid Wood Keyboard to provide pianists with the most authentic feel possible. Solid-wood keys have a unique physical mass that travels and beds down in a way that pianists learn to expect as they develop their technique. Standard features include Graded Hammer Weighting that, just like an acoustic piano, is heavier to lighter from bass to treble, while Authentic Counterbalance Weights greatly enhance …more

100 Watts 4 Speakers

NEW MOTHERBOARD AND SPEAKERS DEVELOPED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH ONKYO. The powerful amplification system and larger speakers of this piano provide deep, resonant bass and a clear singing treble not easily achieved in this price range. The additional speakers on this model send sound from multiple points on the piano, creating a very natural and organic sound profile.  Kawai digital and hybrid pianos are well-known for providing more power output than similarly …more

OLED Display

An updated OLED graphic display keeps all the controls discreetly tucked away, so younger students are not distracted and the piano maintains a traditional appearance. Core features like the metronome, sound selection and recorder are easily accessed at the touch of a button, while more advanced features are accessed by pressing a function button and a corresponding key at the same time. 

Spatial Headphones Sound

Headphones are very useful in busy households because they enable the player to block out the rest of the world and concentrate on what is being played. SPACIAL HEADPHONES SOUND technology greatly enhances the depth and realism of the piano sound. CA series and Novus pianos include a dedicated premium headphone amplifier for the ultimate headphone musical experience. 1/8" and 1/4" jacks are included, so you can use your …more

Bluetooth midi and audio

Bluetooth AUDIO enables you to wirelessly play music files or video clips through the premium speaker system of your piano. You can play along or simply enjoy your Kawai piano as a central part of your home audio system. MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface and Bluetooth enables your Kawai digital piano to connect wirelessly to your favorite Bluetooth capable tablet or computer. Enjoy countless music applications, games, apps for recording and …more

Educational Features

Integrated educational features cn help a student along during practice sessions. The METRONOME promotes good rhythm and counting. While a built-in RECORDER enables students to listen critically to what they have played or practice duet pieces on their own. Various INSTRUMENT SOUNDS, like organ, electric piano, harpsichord can make playing a piece over and over less monotonous and can promote longer and more …more

Kawai Virtual Technician

This is the feature that makes Kawai Hybrid pianos able to satisfy the most discerning musicians. Just as a concert pianist consults with a master technician to make fine adjustments to the touch and tone of a concert grand piano, the Kawai user consults the Virtual Technician to customize the piano sound to taste.  Standard adjustments for lighter and heavier touch and brighter or mellower tone are just the beginning. The Virtual Technician regulates hammer and key release …more

Always In Tune

This piano is always in tune and therefore always ready to train students' ears to recognize proper pitch. Because the sound is recorded from a concert grand piano and processed digitally, it is impossible for this piano to go out of tune. The added benefit is, of course, that there is NO TUNING OR MAINTENANCE COST after purchase.

Grand Feel Pedal System

In addition to training a student's fingers, a student's feet must learn to properly operate the pedals. This piano's THREE METAL PEDALS are the same size and proportion as those found on a grand piano. Each pedal has it's own UNIQUE RESISTANCE FACTOR that accurately trains proper pedaling muscle memory. Portable keyboards and lower end digital pianos do not feel the same.

Proper Piano Bench

Included with this piano is a bench that is set to the proper height for the keyboard, promoting good posture and technique. Too often, portable keyboards are put on adjustable stands that are too high or too low. Students that practice for extended periods of time under these conditions never develop proper technique and SOMETIMES SUFFER INJURY from having their wrists in the wrong position.

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The Artist Pianos Experience

Factory Authorized

Artist Pianos is proud to have earned the exclusive designation of Authorized Steinway Dealer. Only though hard work and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction does a dealership demonstrate they are ready to represent the finest pianos in the world and the STEINWAY & SONS brand. From the family room to the classroom to the concert stage, Artist Pianos serves every facet of the piano community in upstate New York with the professionalism you can expect …more


Ask an area Piano Teacher, Piano Technician, School Music Director, College Music Faculty, Concert Venue Director, or one of our many thousands of past customers about Artist Pianos and you will likely find that Artist Pianos is well known and well regarded. Piano Teachers know they can refer students to us with confidence, because we only sell quality instruments and long after a purchase is made, we are there to offer service, support and guidance.

Community Support

Each year, our staff members host student piano recitals for area teachers, support and participate in fundraisers, and host meetings with area Music Teacher Organizations and the Piano Technicians Guild. We take an active interest in the local music community. Have you seen a piano concert lately? If so, it is likely that you've seen our pianos. Year after year, we provide world-class instruments to area venues and music festivals so artists from near and far can inspire our …more


Our lead staff members are industry professionals with a minimum of 20 years experience each! Their extensive backgrounds in consultation, education and technical service provide our clients with unique perspectives that go far beyond a piano's age and price and really match the right piano to each client's lifestyle and goals. Our concert-services technicians serve some of the most prestigious area concert venues and schools, so not only do they know how to maintain pianos …more

Upgrade Guarantee

As your needs change, Artist Pianos makes it easy to upgrade. New and used acoustic pianos receive a 10-year guarantee to apply the full purchase price of your first piano toward a second piano that is at least double the first piano's price. Our digital pianos have the same protection for 3 years. Your investment is protected at Artist Pianos and because we are the area's authorized STEINWAY & SONS dealer, you can upgrade to the finest pianos …more

The Steinway Promise

The Steinway Promise is a unique document from STEINWAY & SONS that assures the value of your Boston or Essex piano. The promise is: If at any time within ten years of the date of this certificate you decide to trade your Steinway designed Boston or Essex piano for a new Steinway & Sons grand piano, you will receive an allowance equal to the full purchase price of your trade in piano. No other manufacturer provides such a guarantee of value.

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