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The Genuine Article

The Steinway factory is unique. With over 300 specially-trained craftspeople, millions of dollars of custom equipment, and 165 years of proprietary knowledge passed down from generation to generation, no facility in the world can come close to duplicating the Steinway process, though many have tried.

Millions of Dollars of Custom Equipment

Custom equipment is designed to produce components and construct the Steinway piano. No matter how well intentioned, no one can set up shop with store-bought tools and duplicate the Steinway process.

Over 300 Specially Trained Craftspeople

The proprietary processes developed at Steinway & Sons have been tried, documented and perfected over 165 years. The expertise found in the Steinway Factory is unique and the dedication to excellence is absolute. Only Steinway makes the finest pianos in the world.


Certification is the Gold Standard

Steinway factory restoration is certified so there is no question that the finished product has 100% GENUINE STEINWAY COMPONENTS. It is the genuine article: a Steinway grand piano. 

Our Artist Reserve factory restored Steinways

When we receive a Steinway piano that is ready for restoration, it becomes available in the ARTIST RESERVE. If you want a genuine factory restored Steinway, this is one of the best and most affordable ways to get one. Subject to availability, you get the piano and the restoration in one ultra-competitive price. Your Factory Restored Steinway will take 6-9 months to complete, but when it arrives, it will be a 100% CERTIFIED FACTORY RESTORED STEINWAY.


non-Steinway Parts
S 5' 1" $49,900 $47,800
M 5' 7" $55,900 $51,500
L 5' 11" $55,900 $59,500
O 5' 11" $55,900 $59,500
A 6' 2" $59,900 $68,900
B 7' $69,900 $87,500
D 9' $79,900 No Listing


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Steinway Factory vs. other rebuilders

Their pianos say Steinway on the outside, but they say something entirely different on the inside.

The chart below was compiled from the website of a well-advertised Northeast rebuilder and retailer. Their pianos say Steinway on the outside, but they say something entirely different on the inside! You do not have to be a piano expert to see the difference. Our Genuine Steinway Factory Restored Pianos are priced about the same or less. Why would anyone pay those prices for a piano that is not a Steinway?


FACILITY Over 300 Steinway-trained craftspeople and millions of dollars of custom equipment One-floor workshop with several workers using store-bought woodworking tools
SOUNDBOARD STEINWAY & SONS diaphragmatic soundboard made of Alaskan Sitka Spruce Bolduc brand soundboard
BRIDGES STEINWAY & SONS vertically laminated bridges Bolduc brand bridges
ACTION STEINWAY & SONS Accelerated Action Renner action parts
PINBLOCK STEINWAY & SONS Hexagrip Maple Pinblock No information provided
HAMMERS Specially designed STEINWAY & SONS hammers constructed at the Steinway factory from premium wool. "Custom re-crafted" Steinway hammers. (this may mean "reshaped" old Steinway hammers). 
STRINGS STEINWAY & SONS strings made from high-tensile Swedish steel. "Hand wound bass strings" is the only specification offered.
FINISH STEINWAY & SONS hand polished polyester finish. 10 times stronger than lacquer. Emits no VOC's into the environment once dry. Polished Lacquer
PREPARATION STEINWAY & SONS Master technicians, tuners, and voicers No
CERTIFICATION STEINWAY & SONS Certificate of Authenticity assures value for a lifetime No


Steinway Factory restoration


No matter how well intentioned, no one can set up shop with store-bought tools and duplicate the Steinway process.

The Steinway Factory is the only place in the world with over 300 specially-trained craftspeople, like 42-year veteran Eddie Carrasco, and millions of dollars of CUSTOM-BUILT EQUIPMENT that have been brought together for one purpose: to make the finest piano in the world. We have seen every level of restored Steinway piano, from those completed by weekend warriors to others rebuilt by larger shops and they all fall short because they are not Steinway pianos. No matter how well intentioned, no one can set up shop with store-bought tools and duplicate the Steinway process.



"I’ve been playing Steinway pianos exclusively for many years...They keep getting better every year.”

Lang Lang


The Golden Age Myth: who does it serve?

The Golden Age Myth

Beware when someone tells you that “they just don’t make them like they used to.” The only people we consistently hear propagate this idea are the very same people who would benefit from having you believe it: sellers of rebuilt pianos. If it were actually true, over 95% of piano soloists would not choose NEW STEINWAY & SONS pianos for their performances. They would instead scour the land for old pianos to restore. The truth is the Steinway Factory has never been better equipped and the engineering tolerances being met today far exceed anything possible in the early 20th century. Today's Steinway is the most precise, best performing piano ever made. 

The newest Steinways are the best Steinways. 

The most compelling reason we know this to be true is that no concert pianist in the world specifically requests an old rebuilt Steinway on which to perform. If any of the rebuilders who say their processes, workmanship, non-Steinway components, and lower prices were equal to or superior to Steinway were correct, wouldn't at least one concert pianist agree? Click here for the latest advancements in Today's Steinway & Sons pianos.


Boston Grands by Steinway

A safer, worthy alternative to a rebuilt Steinway.

Colleges and universities seeking to train the next generation of pianists do not search for old Steinways to rebuild, they overwhelmingly choose Boston pianos, by Steinway & Sons. Boston pianos are designed with Steinway DNA and built on an assembly line (as opposed to handmade) to offer premium performance at a price that is less than half of a new Steinway. The STEINWAY PROMISE that comes with every Boston and Essex piano guarantees 100% of your purchase price toward the purchase of a new Steinway grand piano within 10 years. The new PERFORMANCE EDITION II Boston grands are unmatched in the industry.


Boston by Steinway & Sons
GP-215 Performance Edition II
7'1" Grand
Albany & Syracuse
Finance from $730/mo
Boston by Steinway & Sons
GP-193 Performance Edition II
6'4" Grand
Albany & Syracuse
Finance from $558/mo
Boston by Steinway & Sons
GP-178 Performance Edition II
5'10" Grand
Albany & Syracuse
Finance from $429/mo
Boston by Steinway & Sons
GP-163 Performance Edition II
5'4" Grand
Albany & Syracuse
Finance from $367/mo
Boston by Steinway & Sons
GP-156 Performance Edition II
5'1" Grand
Albany & Syracuse
Finance from $301/mo

10 Must-Know Restoration Facts



While the cabinet of a Steinway grand has proven to last over 150 years, on average, we expect about 80 years of performance from a Steinway grand in a home setting. Sometimes they go many years longer and sometimes shorter, depending on use and care, but 80 years is where we, as piano experts, take extra care in determining a used Steinway's viability. 


The Steinway Factory is the only place on earth where over 300 trained craftspeople and millions of dollars of equipment have been brought together for the sole purpose of making the world’s finest pianos. Often, expectations going into the restoration process are that the finished piano will be “good as new.” However, Steinway’s select materials, custom machinery, and proprietary expertise are impossible to replicate in a small shop with store-bought tools.


The vast majority of rebuilt Steinways are counterfeit, simply because using non-Steinway parts will greatly increase the profit-margin. If a buyer fails to verify the use of 100% GENUINE STEINWAY COMPONENTS, then a large premium may be paid for a piano that has a Steinway case and logo, but the inner-workings of some other piano. If the resulting piano is not truly a Steinway, then other pianos in the same price-range, like BOSTON PIANOS, by Steinway & Sons, are worthy of consideration.

BOSTON PIANOS: #1 college practice piano and worthy alternative.

Boston pianos were developed by Steinway 25 years ago to provide a practice piano with the same action-geometry as a Steinway piano. An unqualified success, Boston pianos are now used in the practice rooms of 170+ colleges and universities. In addition, within 10 years of purchase the Steinway Promise guarantees the full original purchase price of your Boston or Essex piano toward the purchase of a new Steinway grand piano.


Soundboard cracks, splits in the bridges, rusty strings, etc., can be seen with the naked eye. However, cracks in the wrestplank (pinblock) or structural failures in the rim (the curved outer case) and support posts often remain hidden. The effect these problems will have on the piano’s performance may not be realized until after the piano has been rebuilt. Ultimately, all rebuilding work is based on incomplete knowledge of the piano’s structural integrity.


Minor components, like strings, hammers, action parts, and dampers are easier to replace, but are nonetheless labor intensive because there are so many of them. Major components like the soundboard, bridges, and wrestplank require removal of the cast-iron plate, which not only makes the process expensive, but most often calls for the strings and tuning pins to be replaced as well.


Worn-out bushings are the #1 reason partial restorations end in disappointment. Bushings ensure a snug fit, while allowing free movement of hinged parts. There are over 1400 felt bushings throughout the action. After many years, the felts wear out and joints become loose and wobbly: a sure recipe for frustration for any pianist trying to apply nuance and dynamics. Replacing all of the bushings can cost thousands of dollars in labor and, without factory equipment and expertise, the result is never as good as new. A new Steinway action is worth the price if the rebuilt piano is expected to play like a Steinway.

PARTIAL RESTORATIONS: throwing good money after bad?
Partial restorations can save money in the short-run, but thousands of dollars spent in one part of the piano can be lost if another part of the piano fails. Full restoration should cost $45,000-$80,000. Lower cost can indicate the use of substitute generic parts or shortcuts in the process. Rather than rebuilding a Steinway with non-Steinway components, discerning shoppers will consider investing in a new Steinway-designed Boston or Essex piano, utilizing the STEINWAY PROMISE, insuring 100% trade value when upgrading a Boston or Essex piano toward a new Steinway grand piano.


The vast majority of rebuilt Steinways contain any number of non-Steinway components. Steinway pianos are the finest pianos in the world in large part because every component is made of the finest materials on earth regardless of the price to attain them. After-factory parts can be significantly cheaper, but they also degrade the piano’s performance, longevity, and value. Insist on genuine Steinway parts in writing. Steinway diaphragmatic soundboards cannot be duplicated or installed by anyone but Steinway, which is one reason rebuilders will suggest shimming the original soundboard, even if it is over 100 years old.


The Steinway Restoration Center is the only facility in the world with the custom machinery and expertise required to truly restore a Steinway piano. Steinway Factory restored pianos not only receive the same 5 year warranty a new Steinway receives, they also receive a certificate of authenticity that gives you peace of mind that your piano is 100% Steinway, insuring performance, longevity, and value.


factory-restore your steinway

If you have a family heirloom Steinway with a great deal of sentimental value, have your Steinway restored at the one place in the world with the proprietary knowledge and custom-equipment necessary to do it right. Your Factory Restored Steinway will come with certification that will prove it is 100% genuine and ensure that its value is tied to the Steinway legacy. Do not be fooled by imitators. There is only one Steinway & Sons.

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