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Steinway & Sons

Handcrafted right here in New York, Steinway & Sons pianos are the finest in the world, the choice of ove 95% of concert pianists and revered by professionals and recreational players alike. At the Factory, over 300 Steinway craftspeople combine old-world craftsmanship with state-of-the-art custom-designed tools and machinery to produce a piano that sings and feels like no other. Steinway materials are selected for their quality alone, because price is no object to ensure each Steinway is even better than the last.

98% of concert pianists choose Steinway & Sons

"If I am to play my best, there is no way but Steinway" Lang Lang

Year after year, Steinway & Sons is the overwhelming choice of concert pianists. No other piano has ever been so revered by those who count on performance the most. With methodical and consistent improvement, Steinway's commitment to building the best piano possible is passed from generation to generation. 

Steinway & Sons proudly handmade since 1853

Beauty. Integrity. Quality. To make the best piano possible requires superior materials and meticulous craftsmanship.


Artist Pianos helped me fulfill a lifelong dream of mine, which was to own a Steinway. I've been to a lot of piano stores and, aside from Steinway Hall in New York City, theirs is the nicest I've ever seen. Every piano is in perfect tune and there is a no pressure sales environment. I highly recommend Artist Pianos for anyone looking to purchase a piano.



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Advanced Features

Hammers with Underfelt

Dense under-felt is applied before the white hammer felt is glued and fastened to the hammer molding. This reinforcement will help the hammer retain its shape through years of impact with the strings and adds mass to the hammer to deliver more energy to the string. Often overlooked and not something that will cause an issue right away, this is a feature many manufacturers will eliminate in order to cut costs.

Premium Solid Spruce Soundboard

All the finest pianos have premium solid-spruce soundboards, but spruce soundboards are not created equal. A premium soundboard will be made of straight-grain solid spruce (not laminated) with a minimum of 8 grains per inch and be free of knots and irregularities. These qualities ensure overall structural integrity and even distribution of vibrations. Most manufacturers do not specify anything beyond solid vs. laminated, allowing for a wide variance in wood quality.

Diaphragmatic Soundboard

Found in Steinway pianos constructed 1936 and later, the patented diaphragmatic soundboard is not only made from the finest sitka spruce found on Earth, it is uniquely tapered outward from the center in a pattern that maximizes freedom of vibration. Additionally, it is double-crowned, bending in two directions simultaneously, creating a bell-like shape or diaphragm that projects the Steinway tone like no other piano. 

Vertically Laminated Bridges

Originally patented by Steinway in 1880, this groundbreaking design is now found in nearly every high-performance piano in production. The solid bridge is replaced with multiple layers of wood, like a layer-cake on its side. This design transfers vibrations from the strings to the soundboard most efficiently and with the least loss of energy. This improves every aspect of tone, projection, sustain, and dynamic range.

One Piece Continuous Bent Maple Rim

The Steinway rim, developed and patented in 1878 is a unique and integral part of every Steinway piano. Made entirely of hard-rock maple wood, the inner-rim and outer-rim are bonded together in a single operation to create one solid rim that will endure for generations. Musically, the rim maintains the soundboard crown and reflects vibrations back to the soundboard, providing unmatched projection, sustain, and clarity. 

Duplex Scale Design

Originally patented by Steinway in 1872, similar designs are now implemented in countless performance grands. Each treble string is sectioned into three separate vibrating lengths. The longest is in the middle and this is the main note we hear. The duplex sections on either end are tuned to upper harmonics of the main note. This design greatly enhances the complexity and richness of the tone and increases the strength of the very highest notes. 

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