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At Artist Pianos, we know how important a good practice piano is to the success of new students. In fact, it is vital. At your lesson, you learn what to do, but it is the consistent application of technique all week long that will develop a pianist's touch. Our RENT TO OWN program gets a perfect starter piano into your home from the beginning, when it can do the most good. 

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Make every minute of practice more effective with the right practice instrument. 


How our rent-to-own plan can help you now and into the future.



The benefits of learning to play the piano are worth it!

Parents have special concerns about making a piano investment, especially if they did not learn to play a musical instrument when they were kids. If you're here, it is because deep down you know that learning piano will be beneficial to your child. Learning piano has been shown to improve math and science skills, language development, enhance creativity, improves rhythm and coordination, reduces stress, and creates connections in the brain that prevent memory loss later in life...and the specific changes learning a musical instrument makes during brain development cannot be accomplished through any other activity! That's a lot of good reasons to learn piano. If you are not ready to purchase a piano, it's ok! Rent first and give your child the best chance for success, then upgrade when your confidence is higher. 

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