designed with Steinway DNA

Building on the success of Boston, the Essex pianos were developed by STEINWAY & SONS in the year 2000, using the same core design features and uncompromising commitment to high-quality materials. Automated and assembly-line production brought the cost down to about half that of a Boston, but by every measure, Essex is the best in its class, setting a new standard for affordable pianos.

simply better built

transparent Specifications

Unlike any other manufacturer of affordable pianos that we know of, Steinway publishes Essex specifications in their entirety. All Essex pianos include every major design and material advantage known in the industry to make a piano perform better and last longer, making them comparable to pianos priced much higher.

room to grow

Not Just for Beginners

Essex pianos perform well above their price range and will keep up with you as your technique improves. You will not soon outgrow an Essex piano. Designed with exclusive patents and advanced features only found on some of the most expensive pianos by other manufacturers, Essex pianos bridge the gap between affordability and performance. We hope every pianist aspires to a Steinway, but if an Essex is the only piano you ever own, it will enable you to reach a very high level of technique.

Art of design: Steinway DNA

The Steinway Promise

Value assured

The Steinway Promise is a certificate of investment unique to Steinway-designed pianos. When you purchase an Essex Piano, you may trade in the instrument within ten years of the date of purchase to receive 100% of the original purchase price in trade toward a new Steinway grand.


My church recently purchased two upright pianos from Artist Pianos. We bought an Essex EUP-123, and a Boston UP-118. We are thrilled with both the pianos, and the experience working with Artist Pianos couldn't have been easier or more pleasant.



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Premium Features

Hammers with Underfelt

Dense under-felt is applied before the white hammer felt is glued and fastened to the hammer molding. This reinforcement will help the hammer retain its shape through years of impact with the strings and adds mass to the hammer to deliver more energy to the string. Often overlooked and not something that will cause an issue right away, this is a feature many manufacturers will eliminate in order to cut costs.

Premium Solid Spruce Soundboard

All the finest pianos have premium solid-spruce soundboards, but spruce soundboards are not created equal. A premium soundboard will be made of straight-grain solid spruce (not laminated) with a minimum of 8 grains per inch and be free of knots and irregularities. These qualities ensure overall structural integrity and even distribution of vibrations. Most manufacturers do not specify anything beyond solid vs. laminated, allowing for a wide variance in wood quality.

Tapered Soundboard Construction

To promote flexibility, the soundboard is sanded down to be thinner from treble to bass. Because the board is able to vibrate more freely, bass notes sound richer and fuller and overall tone and dynamic range is improved.

Vertically Laminated Bridges

Originally patented by Steinway in 1880, this groundbreaking design is now found in nearly every high-performance piano in production. The solid bridge is replaced with multiple layers of wood, like a layer-cake on its side. This design transfers vibrations from the strings to the soundboard most efficiently and with the least loss of energy. This improves every aspect of tone, projection, sustain, and dynamic range.

Maple Outer & Beech Inner Rim

The rim of a grand is responsible for maintaining the crown of the soundboard, which is integral to a piano's projection, sustain and tone. Steinway grand pianos have maple inner and outer rims. Today's Essex designs have been upgraded to MAPLE outer rims and BEECH inner rims, bringing them one step closer to Steinway perfection. The Essex rim has WIDE TAIL DESIGN, providing significantly more soundboard …more

Duplex Scale Design

Originally patented by Steinway in 1872, similar designs are now implemented in countless performance grands. Each treble string is sectioned into three separate vibrating lengths. The longest is in the middle and this is the main note we hear. The duplex sections on either end are tuned to upper harmonics of the main note. This design greatly enhances the complexity and richness of the tone and increases the strength of the very highest notes. 

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The Artist Pianos Experience

Factory Authorized

Artist Pianos is proud to have earned the exclusive designation of Authorized Steinway Dealer. Only though hard work and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction does a dealership demonstrate they are ready to represent the finest pianos in the world and the STEINWAY & SONS brand. From the family room to the classroom to the concert stage, Artist Pianos serves every facet of the piano community in upstate New York with the professionalism you can expect …more


Ask an area Piano Teacher, Piano Technician, School Music Director, College Music Faculty, Concert Venue Director, or one of our many thousands of past customers about Artist Pianos and you will likely find that Artist Pianos is well known and well regarded. Piano Teachers know they can refer students to us with confidence, because we only sell quality instruments and long after a purchase is made, we are there to offer service, support and guidance.

Community Support

Each year, our staff members host student piano recitals for area teachers, support and participate in fundraisers, and host meetings with area Music Teacher Organizations and the Piano Technicians Guild. We take an active interest in the local music community. Have you seen a piano concert lately? If so, it is likely that you've seen our pianos. Year after year, we provide world-class instruments to area venues and music festivals so artists from near and far can inspire our …more


Our lead staff members are industry professionals with a minimum of 20 years experience each! Their extensive backgrounds in consultation, education and technical service provide our clients with unique perspectives that go far beyond a piano's age and price and really match the right piano to each client's lifestyle and goals. Our concert-services technicians serve some of the most prestigious area concert venues and schools, so not only do they know how to maintain pianos …more

Upgrade Guarantee

As your needs change, Artist Pianos makes it easy to upgrade. New and used acoustic pianos receive a 10-year guarantee to apply the full purchase price of your first piano toward a second piano that is at least double the first piano's price. Our digital pianos have the same protection for 3 years. Your investment is protected at Artist Pianos and because we are the area's authorized STEINWAY & SONS dealer, you can upgrade to the finest pianos …more

The Steinway Promise

The Steinway Promise is a unique document from STEINWAY & SONS that assures the value of your Boston or Essex piano. The promise is: If at any time within ten years of the date of this certificate you decide to trade your Steinway designed Boston or Essex piano for a new Steinway & Sons grand piano, you will receive an allowance equal to the full purchase price of your trade in piano. No other manufacturer provides such a guarantee of value.

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