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The Perfect Starter Piano

July 11, 2017 UPDATED



Beginners Never Had it So Good

First, let us say that beyond a shadow of doubt, a quality digital piano like the Kawai CN27 can prepare a beginner student for the highest levels of competitive piano playing. Read about one such student here

We are always on the lookout for the best value in starter pianos and we don't think there is a better beginner piano available today, dollar-for-dollar, than the Kawai CN27.

It's not loaded with hundreds of sounds and features, but the piano sound is full and satisfying, and the features it has are beneficial for learning. In short, you get what you need and you don't pay for what you don't need. When you play it, it feels and sounds substantial, like a piano. 

A practice piano must enable a student to accurately recreate the same muscle-memory at home that he or she uses during lesson.




The Kawai CN27 Starter Piano

Always in tune means every time you play, you train your ears to recognize proper pitch. It also means no maintenance!

A fallboard protective cover limits dust and protects against accidents.
88 full-size keys weighted to the same specifications as an acoustic piano for authentic touch.
Classic rosewood finish designed to blend with any decor. Easy to clean with water and cloth.
Headphone jacks enable students to practice without distraction and can lead to longer practice sessions.

NEW! Toeblock construction adds stability when playing or transporting.

All three pedals are the same size and design as acoustic piano pedals and operate the same as grand-piano pedals.

Matching bench set to proper height ensures proper posture when you are playing, fostering good technique and eliminating risk of injury.


action design

Ivory Touch keytops

Grand piano style pedals

Educational Features


For over 25 years, Kawai digital pianos have been helping beginners succeed in piano. Over 85 years, Kawai has produced over 2.4 million pianos, becoming an industry leader.

Even though warranty issues are extremely rare, the CN27 is protected by a 5-Year Parts & Labor Warranty with onsite service from Artist Pianos.

Built right into the piano are a metronome to help train timing, a recorder to train phrasing and duet pieces, and accompaniment for Alfred's Series Level 1A and 1B lessons. 


Perfect Starter Piano Video

FAQ About Digital Pianos as Starter Pianos


 Who makes the best digital pianos?

We certainly have our favorites, but the one thing that always seems to differentiate Kawai from the rest of the pack is that they also make world-class acoustic pianos. That means they have 85+ years of research and development in piano touch and tone to draw upon in designing their digital pianos!


What about a used piano?

Most of the decent used pianos we come across sell for $2500 and up. If this is your price range, then you may find a great used piano to serve your needs. However, in the under $2000 price range, most of what we usually see are very old and worn out pianos that are completely inadequate to give a beginner a fighting chance to learn how to play. There are many reasons for this, but the most common and often overlooked reason is worn out key bushings. Have you ever played an old piano and felt the keys were a little wobbly? Were you able to wiggle individual keys quite a bit? This is usually due to worn key bushings. It's normal wear, but it is almost never corrected before or after a used piano is purchased because it represents a significant expense. However, for beginners trying to replicate what they are learning in their lesson all week long on their practice instrument, worn bushings can mean the difference between success and failure. And that's just one of dozens of issues that can be found in a used piano. Visit your nearest Artist Pianos store for more information about used pianos.


In addition to major issues like failed pinblocks and cracked soundboards and bridges, worn action bushings slow keys down and make them feel "wobbly," causing beginners frustration as they try to recreate what they have learned in their lesson.

 Will my teacher approve?

You should check with your teacher first to determine whether he or she will allow you to take lessons on a digital piano. We would never talk anyone out of getting a fine new or newer acoustic piano, but when budget is of some concern, many teachers are in favor of digital pianos as a no-risk alternative to the incredibly risky used piano market. We look at the success of teachers who use digital pianos to teach and students who use digital pianos to reach their full potential, and we know that digital pianos make viable practice instruments.

 How long do they last and how soon will we grow out of it?

All we really know is that they can last as long as 25 years or more, because many of the original digital pianos are still working today. You may choose to upgrade to another digital piano to get more features or to an acoustic piano to get that true "acoustic" musical experience, but from a standpoint of piano technique, there is no difference in playing a digital piano, like the Kawai, or a fine upright piano. So, by the time you outgrow the digital piano, you may find your next step would be a small or mid-sized grand piano. Read about one student who started on a digital, upgraded to a grand, and started wining competitions.

 Can I rent a digital piano first?

Sure you can! Qualified customers can rent-to-own for six months and apply the first six months rental fee as a credit toward the purchase of the rental piano or any other piano of equal or greater value. 

 Can I trade my digital piano toward an acoustic piano later?

That's exactly what we had in mind when we developed our three year Full-Value Trade-Up Guarantee

Quick Facts

Beginners get
for success because Kawai digital pianos are designed to have the same touch, tone, sustain, and pedal operation as an acoustic piano. Your practice instrument should help you succeed, not hold you back!
You'll save
in the first 5 years of ownership in maintenance fees because Kawai digital pianos never need tuning (that also means you'll be teaching your ears to recognize proper pitch every time you play).
You'll have 
to trade in your digital piano toward any piano of double the original investment with our full trade value guarantee. You'll probably feel a little more confident about making a piano investment after three years of lessons.
In Summary....
  • Best chance for success because Kawai digital pianos inspire better than keyboards or old used pianos.
  • Same technique as an acoustic piano
  • Save lots of money in moving and maintenance fees
  • No-loss upgrade options after you have been playing for a while
It's really a no-brainer!  
Click here to see the "perfect starter" product information page.


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