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Piano Academy Focus

We do one thing at the Artist Piano Academy: train students of all ages to be lifelong pianists. By giving our students a strong foundation of musical knowledge, they are able to continue to learn throughout their lives. All aspects of piano playing can be explored: solo performance, accompaniment, improvisation, and playing piano as part of an ensemble are just a few.
Our program goes beyond the traditional piano-lessons format, seeking to find and build upon each student's musical strengths, because not all pianists play the same way! Some of our students end up playing competitively and some end up playing recreationally, but all receive the knowledge and skills they need to enjoy piano throughout their lives.


Graduate Level Instructors

Our instructors hold Master Degrees in Music and/or Education. We look for highly educated instructors who love teaching beginners and advanced players alike. Lessons are customized to keep each student inspired, while ensuring a strong foundation of musical knowledge and technique. Read more about our instructors.
One-on-one lessons with your piano teacher are either half-hour or one full hour, once a week.  




The Finest Teaching Pianos

Students who learn and practice on a Steinway-designed piano, train their fingers to play to their fullest potential. Our private studios are always outfitted with world-class Steinway, Boston, and Essex pianos. Our teachers have access to a Steinway concert grand piano and the latest piano technology to help students as they advance.


Flexible Scheduling

Last minute conflict? No problem at the Artist Academy! We build in plenty of flexibility and extra lesson opportunities for today's busy families and adults. Notify us 24hours before your lesson and reschedule.

Lessons are available Tuesday through Saturday. Call for availability: (518)-783-1695




What is a FunShop? It's quite possibly the coolest thing to happen to piano lessons since the grand piano! FunShops are small group learning events that reinforce what is learned in the one-on-one sessions, or introduce new concepts and ideas that might not come up in regular lesson time.
FunShops always include a game-format learning activity or a creative, interactive activity. Learn by doing and remember what you learn! FunShops are free for registered Artist Piano Academy students.


Artist Gold Achievement AwardsTM

Reward and Motivate: that's the goal of the Artist Gold Achievement Awards. Students may choose their own path from a wide variety of musical achievements, like performing in a student concert, composing their own music, or accompanying another musician. 
An Artist Gold Award is earned by completing three musical achievements and then recording two pieces for your Artist Gold Award disc. Each disc is unique, as it represents YOUR selection of achievements,YOUR selection of music, and YOUR musical performance!
Artist Gold Award discs are inscribed with the student's name, the names of the pieces they recorded, and the achievements that they accomplished for each award level.
Artist Gold Awards are part of our exclusive program that aims to provide the motivation and variety to help each student find his or her strengths in the vast world of music making.  

Copyright 2012. The use of framed, imprinted disks as a reward for achievement in a music-education program is a trademark of the Piano Academy at Artist Pianos.  


Student Concerts


Twice a year, our students can showcase their talents at Spring Zing and Winter Fest. Participation is encouraged, but never mandatory. Most of our students look forward to the concerts and start picking their next piece or song as soon as they perform their current one. Piano solo, duets, piano and voice, and ensembles introduce students to the piano's versatility as a musical instrument.  



Requirements and Sign Up

Because our program requires a minimum 1/2 hour of one-on-one attention each week, we generally start students at 6 years of age, although we will do a few trial lessons with 5 year olds to see if they are ready. 
Some students do better with practices that are longer, but less frequent and some do better with shorter but more frequent practices throughout the week. Our goal is to make the learning process such that practice is seen as a goal to be achieved, rather than a task to be fulfilled. Those who invest more time into the learning process will, of course, achieve faster. 
No instrument is required for the first few lessons, but the practice instrument is a vital part of the learning process. 
A student's practice time is meant to reproduce, as closely as posible, the technique learned in his or her lessons.  The closer the practice instrument replicates the touch, tone, and musical experience of the lesson piano, the more fruitful practice time will be.
This does not mean that parents need to make a huge investment upfront. We offer a low-cost rent-to-own program for the perfect starter piano that ensures 100% chance for success.
Call (518) 783-1695 for available times. We can't wait to show you the wonderful world of music!