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Find Your Serial Number

January 18, 2011





Here's Where to Look...

Knowing your piano's model and serial number are very helpful in determining your piano's age and market value

Grand piano serial numbers are most often found imprinted on the metal plate toward the front of the piano. Remove the music rack by either sliding it toward the front, lifting straight up, or sliding slowly front to back while lifting - one of these methods should work for most piano brands. Once the music rack is removed, check the middle or right hand side for the model and serial numbers.

On very old grand pianos, you may need to crawl under the piano to see if the serial number is carved or burned into the keybed, which is the wooden part directly beneath the keys. If you still cannot find it, check all visible parts of the soundboard, above and beneath, for numbers burned into the wood. 

Vertical pianos most often have their model and serial numbers imprinted on the metal plate, just beneath the lid. Lift the top-most part of the piano, which should be on hinges, to gain access to this area. Some pianos have the entire front-board attached to the lid, so you may have to lift the whole structure to gain access to the metal plate. 

The model can be as simple as a solitary letter, such as a model "M", or it might be just a number, like a model "243", or it may be a combination of letters and numbers, such as a model "T118."

Similarly, serial numbers may be preceeded by a letter or series of letters. Be sure to take note of all letters and numbers for accurate identification. 




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